Comann Eachdraidh Ionadail Phortrigh


History Society

Chair: I. G. MacDonald

Secretary: Cintia Stammers
Treasurer: Iona MacDonald

The Harbour

All meetings are at Tigh na Sgire, Portree, and start at 7.30 p.m.

Portree Local History Society exists to promote the study of and an interest in the History of Portree, its local area and surroundings, and the Isle of Skye in general.

Is e prìomh amas a'chomainn ùidh dhaoine a dhùsgadh chan e a-mhàin ann an eachdràidh baile Phortrigh ach ann an eachdraidh an Eilein air fad. Tha sinn deònach daoine a bhrosnachadh gu bhith rannsachadh agus a'clàradh eachdraidh ar coimhearsnachdan.

We have a programme of meetings held through the Autumn, Winter and Spring months, and, in addition, organise outings and visits of historical interest during the Summer.

Tha an Comann a'coinneachadh a h-iule mìos ann a Taigh na Sgìre ann am Portrigh. Tha na coinneamhan air an cumail ann am Beurla ach b'fhìor thoigh leinn luchd na Gàidhlig a bhith an sàs san obair cuideachd.

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This venture is intended to introduce the Society and, through it, the History of the area, to a wider audience.
We welcome any contributions - written, pictorial or both, long, short or single sentences - to expand the content of the site.
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All meetings are held at Tigh na Sgire, Portree,
but note change of venue, December 2008
at 7. 30 p.m.,
on the second Tuesday of each month.

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